A while back, when FACE BOOK Started, there was this chain message, and you were supposed to write 25 things about yourself… And I faithfully came up with the following list:-

1) I was born on a Sunday, that can tell u why I love going to church! Ha ha. My middle name means joy tomorrow from todays agony I guess that’s why I never give up no matter how hopeless things may look, that’s a lie, i do give up sometimes.
2) I love my friends very much, I believe the best gift God can give me is the gift of friendship, not just to be to me, but to be to people too.
3) I have a very amazing sister, Rose, well no one can ever take her place in my heart.
4) I have a bad temper, believe me u wouldn’t want to see that side of me.
5) Growing up is a challenge, but a learning experience,I have done that a lot in the last 6 years. (2003-2009)
6) When I grow up i want to be a kid.
7) I have been the tiniest in my class all my life, well, academic life that is
8) St. Augustine amazes me very much.
9) The saddest day of my life was when the post-election violence broke up. Ever thought how long and cold a night can be?
10) JKUAT without JKUAT catcom is kinda empty… CATCOM fills me, fulfills me,Its where I am me.
11) The biggest challenge in my life is knowing that someone looks up to me, I influence their decisions I inspire them or I might make them fall.
12) I am a last born, the only fun that comes with that is you get to be sent by everyone in the house, and you will always be a kid.
13) Architecture has tought me two things, to work hard, and to work very smart.
14) I am a pro-lifer, I Love life and I believe all life is sacred, It should be treasured, Just to be is a blessing to live is Holly.
15) I love kids, I want one, mine, now, if only it were possible.
16) My favourite food is Mokimo not because I come from central…
17) I love swimming, anyone up to some swimmology classes, talk to me.
18) Dancing is my life, if you know where I can sign up for tap dancing classes, tell me…
19) I believe in love, well maybe i still live in my own world… A friend of mine told me this expression”to always Love for love’s sake”, I never forgot.
20) The only thing I miss about high school is my classmates, well, we had fun.
21) I have an amazing cousin who really inspires me, the only thing is she doesn’t know,av never told her.
22) I hate disappointments, heri nusu ya shari kuliko shari kamili.
23) My life would be a mess without Jesus in it…
24) My favourite phrase:
To be the best I can;
If I cannot be a tree on top of a mountain, then I can be a bush by the hillside, but i gotta be the prettiest bush anyone ever saw.
If I can’t be the sun, then I gotta be the moon,
we cannot all be drivers, someone gotta be a passenger,
But I have got to be the best I can…
25) My favourite prayer:
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life,
I shall dwell in the house of the lord forever,
It is my turn to shine
My light has come
Success is my birth rite,
Abundance is my portion
Supernatural wisdom is my heritage,
Total health is mine
God answers my prayers

But The essence of this blog is not the rest of me, it’s about number 14…I am a pro-lifer, I Love life and I believe all life is sacred, It should be treasured, Just to be is a blessing to live is Holy.

I write articles,  my Brother Richard inspired me to, most of Which are pro- life in Nature. That’s what I am going to be sharing with you. Once in a while, I may put an inspirational poem or story but the rest, will be me BEING A PRO LIFER