I have learnt:

  • Its not how much people think of u, as much as u think of urself,
  • Its not how much people care about u but but how much u care for them,
  • Its not about how many true friends u have, but how many u r a true friend to,
  • Its not about how much u r loved but how much u love,
  • Its about not about how much happiness u derive from others friendship but how much they derive from yours,
  • That friendships are not only about the happy moments, but about the sad moments too, not shared, but inflicted, and the more u bear it, the stronger it becomes because eventually, after there soo much hurt, then there can be no more of the hurt but more love,
  • That friendship is looking at the people u love and telling them, no matter how much u have hurt me, I STILL LOVE U!
  • Its not about quiting, its about hanging on to it, even when there is nothing to hold on to…
  • Every one of us has deep inside of us the hunger and thirst to be appreciated, to be recognized to be accepted but most of all to be loved, for who we are, not what we ought to be. Just because we, fall short of this doesnt mean that we do not love with all we have,
  • That the moment u begin to loose belief in friendship, u loose the belief in life too, because, life is defined by our relationships, our relationships our friendships,
  • That it is not a crime to fall, the crime is in staying down after the fall, not that its a crime against anyone, but against our very selves,
  • That the journey of life on earth is a temporary assignement, We should focus on Life eternal, then with this we will learn to let go, of all that stops us from becoming and living like Children of Eternity…