I lived the day,But missed Everything beautiful,

I woke up, to my Alarms bell

It was 6AM But i was lazy to wake,

So I slept some more,

With a reminder for later…


I got up late,

And rushed through the morning routine,

But in the rush,

I missed the beauty of the breaking dawn

As the morning sun kissed the pitch dark goodbye…


I rushed to catch a bus,

And logged online on my phone,

During which, I missed the sun’s breakfast,

As it feasted on the morning dew,

I missed the Care,

of the morning bird feeding its young…


I checked in late to my work station,

Got engrossed in the days work,

Just the screen and me, I didnt look through the window,

As the trees basked in the glorious sun,

As the dancing birds dotted blue skies,

As the ants and all crawling beings enjoyed the shade,

I missed it all…


I rushed to town,

Leaving work early,

To the hustles and bustles.

To the kicks and shoves,

To the scary and the friendly,

And in the rush,

I missed the smile on a friends face,

I misssed the twinkle in the stranger’s eye,

I missed the touch of a caring person,

I missed the smell of beauty,

I did not even hear the beautiful unsaid compliment in the nod…


Its getting late,

Am heading out,

And in the bus,

I go online again,

And I miss the goodbye,

Of the beautiful sunset…


And as it gets dark,

The sky is cloudless,

With half-moon and countless stars,

I dont even look, I am too engrossed,

I dont pause to think,

Of the dear that are far,

That bring a smile when i hear their voices,

That console when I am sad,

That reach out when I lack strength,

That say I love you, even when I dont deserve,

Who just make my day…


I am engrossed,

In myself,

With myself,

Planning for tommorrow,

But when tommorrow comes,

Will I miss it all again,

In the name of a days work?

I wonder…