We all have a moment in life, when we, by the virtue of the many reasons we can give, one of them being our human nature, do acquire vices, like smoking, pathological lying, Well, I have mine … (Missing Link)

We all say we come from far, and its true, my journey of faith has come from far. I only pray to God that its far enough, and it will take me to eternity, my eventual dream home… I still remember the two people who influenced my tender faith, scientists would call it “Phototrophism, Doreen and Flo, God bless your souls. Before, that there was my very great mother, sister and two brothers. Then there was campus where I learnt a lot, through interaction with the people in Catholic Community.

I can’t say it was without challenge, the biggest one being what I have been trying to shed the last almost three years…

In my short life, I have learnt many things,

  • That true friends can do stuff for you that in your wildest imaginations, you would never imagine anyone doing that for you.
  • That love is a mystery. I believe in it, and I still believe in happily ever afters, against all the odds…but love, in its essence and purest form, without the contamination of our human manipulations is a beautiful thing.
  • That I am blessed. That I am lucky. I cry more than I smile but mostly its because, I have been excited beyond words.
  • That at one moment in time, all that you believe in can come crashing down on you. And the fact that u still believe against all the odds really shows u r a woman/man of faith.
  • That God has a purpose for everything that happens in our lives. We should learn to appreciate, the pain and the sorrow too, because it is a constant reminder that we are on  a temporary mission here on earth, that we are children of eternity, and that is all that counts.
  • That sometimes, we ought to give up our dreams, let them go, because in letting them go, then our children can have some.
  • That that person we interact with every day, has Christ inside of them, and no mater who they are, we should try to recognize the Christ in them.
  • That family is of essence, the best gift we can ever give to our children is the gift of a brother or a sister.
  • That we should never judge, or condemn even when which has happened is worth of that and much more. The probability that the people have condemned themselves is so high… They don’t need more of it, but someone to tell them its Ok, it is well, its not so bad, God understands.
  • That an act of love is worth a million praises, not because of what is in the act itself, but the hope the act restores on whom it is upon.
  • That I notice too much. It gets me in trouble sometimes, but it has made me learn to listen more than talk.
  • That we all have weaknesses, most of them acquired. But our strength is manifested in them, in the fact that one day we believe we shall rise above them, strengthened by Christ, we fight day after day, just to be on top of them… Someday, in the end, … We shall rise above! ( And the list goes on)
  • The best being, that, to live a happy life, u must learn to turn the shortfalls into positive energy, Learning to make positive outcome from negative results… Getting the lesson no matter how hard hit u are, and how low u have fallen.

Today, I am being guided by the words of Fr. Cormak Burke that the power of God is made manifest in our weaknesses. It spurs us on to fight, to battle against our defects, although we know that we will never achieve total victory during our pilgrimage on earth. That the Christian life is a continuous beginning again each day; it renews itself all over… I am inspired by St. Paul, a man who persecuted Christ’s own, but in the end took people to Christ. I am inspired by the fact that it is not my battle, its Christ’s because, He alone can uplift me to glory, not necessarily here on earth, but eternal Glory. I am inspired by St. Augustine, who said, before we are called to be Christians, we are human… Today I have two guiding principles that define the person I am; To be the best I can, and, To make their darkness bright

Today is the eve of my 28th birthday. My only prayer is in the second verse of the hymn, Jesus thou art coming, and it goes like this…

“Who am I, my Jesus,

That Thou com’st to me?

I have sinned against Thee,

Often grievously;

I am very sorry,

I have caused Thee pain,

I will never, never

Wound Thy Heart again”

So it’s the eve of my birthday, and at midnight, I will close my eyes and make a wish, and I will pray and hope to God that when my next birthday comes, I will not have caused my Jesus pain, … That is my wish. What is /was/will be  yours? HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUDY.