Bible challenge

There is this activity going  on in Facebook, where you share a bible verse each day for seven days and nominate someone else each day to take the challenge. I don’t know where it began, but I guess it is a nice way to learn the scripture, in the least for seven days. In a world where everything is on the fast lane, I can bet that few, very few of us ever get to sit down and study the bible.

I was nominated to do the challenge. But for these seven days, what message am I trying to grasp from the bible? What am I trying to share or is it just random verses I am sharing? I am no priest or pastor but, I will try to share, for the next seven days what these scriptures aroused in my heart. Travel with me.

Galatians 6:7-6; “What a man sows, he reaps. If he sows in the field of self-indulgence he will get a harvest of corruption out of it; if he sows in the field of the Spirit he will get from it a harvest of eternal life”.

Each day we wake up and do what is natural for us to do depending on our status at the moment. If we are students, we will do what students do; if we are employed, we will do what employees do; if we are teachers, we will teach, preachers preach, and the list goes on. In the wake of what we do, we are at our disposal to do whatever we want to do. But physics tells us that every action has an equal and opposite reaction, wisdom tells us each action has consequences. So whatever we do, we shall face the consequences at a later date.

That may not be what I wanted to say parse, but it augments the fact that what we do, at whatever point in our life, we may choose to glorify God with it, or reveal the devil in us while at it. At that opportune moment, we have been chosen by God to preach in our capacity to those we encounter or even to our very selves. If in my being a student I assist my fellow student grasp the concept of Archimedes principle better, then I have not lived in vain, if at that point I am a teacher, I take advantage of my students and molest them, then my reward shall truly come, maybe as an interdiction, maybe, as Jesus said, weeping and gnashing of teeth. In my capacity, what am I doing to expand the kingdom of God.

Finally, it is to remind us that, while dong wrong may have an immediate reward here on earth, for example the fruits of corruption may be amassing of abundant wealth, rape is sexual fulfilment(twisted), exam cheating-a pass, lying-u get away with whatever you did, just a few examples, the negative immediate impact are also true, you snatch a lady’s handbag, you will be lynched, you abuse your child physically, you go to jail, you have a bar brawl, you loose a tooth, or teeth. This also has its own eternal rewards. But God is a merciful God and He calls us to repent, daily. On the other hand the fruits of goodness are eternal life. That does not mean it does not have immediate rewards, but the ultimate more fulfilling reward, which we all look forward to is Eternal life. It is not immediate, in fact, the journey to it, as my friend Agatha says, is a journey of endurance. May we choose and choose wisely and in that choosing, I pray that we will choose eternal life.