I have learnt:

  • Its not how much people think of u, as much as u think of urself,
  • Its not how much people care about u but but how much u care for them,
  • Its not about how many true friends u have, but how many u r a true friend to,
  • Its not about how much u r loved but how much u love,
  • Its about not about how much happiness u derive from others friendship but how much they derive from yours,
  • That friendships are not only about the happy moments, but about the sad moments too, not shared, but inflicted, and the more u bear it, the stronger it becomes because eventually, after there soo much hurt, then there can be no more of the hurt but more love,
  • That friendship is looking at the people u love and telling them, no matter how much u haveā€¦

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