My Christian Religious Education class defined Faith as unquestionable belief in someone or something.

Ever wondered how much a little child believes in the magic of their parents? To a child a parent is its god, its authority is unquestionable, its power is everything and wherever parent is, then everything is alright.

Te first time i learnt this, I was traveling with my nephew o go and visit his dad. He was probably four years old. I have traveled with my son severally, especially n public transport. They never question you on whether the journey will be a success, they don’t ask in fear if they well get to where they are going. There is no fear in their eyes at all. Just a trust that as long as they are with you, they are okay. They lie on your chst and fall asleep in a belief that when they wake up, they will still find your beautiful face when they wake up.

Can we behold Christ in the same sheer abandon? Can we live in belief that even when our life is stormy, we can fall asleep in the arms of His love, with no worry at all? He promised to always be there. Do we believe in that promise?

A story of a captain in a sailing ship is told. This man, once on a journey, would go and pray a lot, yet there was no storm or sea disturbance. He kept praying, the sea was calm. People wondered. They chatted, ate, danced and had fun. A few days into the journey, a fierce storm engulfed them. They all cried out to God, but the captain remained calm and steered the ship. The wailed and cried and called out to God, some perished, some survived. Then one of them asked this calm captain why he was not ruffled. His reply, “When its calm, I pray, when its stormy, I do my job”. He believed in His God to have heard his prayers, and in the belief of His power, he calmly did his job.

May we have the courage to trust God enough to believe Him and his capacity to deliver His promises. Trust is a function of faith.  In trusting God then , we can unquestioningly live in calm hope that no matter what is happening in our lives, He is with us, He is working on our issues, and in His own perfect timing, He provides each according to our needs.