I am a bird,

Free, Flying, Soaring

In Skies Blue, Lavishing the earthly beauty,

Cherishing the magnificence,

In Skies u high…


I am a bird,

Wounded by the wing,

Bleeding at heart,

My Soaring is slow, Faltering,

My flight is altered, Vision unclear,

Slowly, Freely, Falling,

To levels uncertain…


I am a bird,

Seeking to land,

I spread my hurt,

It hurts some more

Yet to recover,

To land I must…


I am a bird,

I found a fortress,

I touch my feet, to the resting comfort,

I check my wound,

I salve the hurt,

I strive to heal,

Tomorrow I must soar…


I am a bird,

My world is up there,

I dream of flying by,

I am healed from pain,

I am strong again,

I flap my wings,

To soar again,

Towards the skies,

That define my home…


I am a bird,

I am at home,

Home is bliss,

Home is peace

Home is beauty,

Home is wellness

Home is love

Home I have found

In Christ’s Embrace…