Transcending nothingness is a journey,

A journey I equate to crossing a river, a deep river.

You start off, and all you can see is the other shore, the shore you want to reach,

You take a step towards your goal, the other side of the river,

You start sinking a little, and you encourage yourself.

You take another step, and you sink a little more,

You are a brave person, so you take another step,

You sink some more,

the water at your ankles, is now at your shoulders,

The ground, you can no longer reach,

You tip toe,

To get to the other side,

Something deep inside of you is telling you,

You probably should go back,

You cant make it,

The current is too strong,

You will drown,

Come on, get back to solid ground…

But something inside of you whispers,

Keep going, you shall overcome

You shall get there,

You are now underwater,

You cant breath.

Deep inside you know,

If you keep holding your breath,

You will take those steps, in the deepest waters, to get you on solid ground,

Where you can bring up your head, and breath again,

So you hold your breath,

Sink under the water,

Lose a grip a little,

Shuddering, you walk on,

Oh, men, the calm waters are not so calm

But you keep going,

Hanging on to hope,

That the next step will be the one that brings your head to the surface,

Shaky now,

You cant hold your breath anymore,

That one step, before you let go and embrace the darkness, you take,

And finally your head breaks free,

You can breath again,

you are not out,

But you can breath,

Hey everyone,

I can breath,

Hang on there,

Keep walking or you slip,

Who cares,

As long as I can breath,

I will hang on a little longer,

so I can take these last steps to get to the shore

See, I am growing taller,

Or is the water growing shorter,
I can smile,

I am almost at the shore

I am at the shore,

I made it

I punch the air above me,

Hurray, I made it

What is your nothingness?

Your nothingness could be your joblessness,

Your broken relationship,

Your broken self that you are piecing together,

The winter in your marriage,

The bear boss,

Your new business,

The terminal illness you have been diagnosed with.

Whatever your nothingness is, keep walking, keep searching for solutions, keep hoping for better, because someday, your head will break the surface, and you will shout ecstatically…


I crossed the river and I didn’t sink, or drown or die…

I made it!!!