We all dream dreams,

Some nurtured from way back,Way back,

When all we could say was, “when I grow up”

Some dreams are our own

Some dreams are our fathers,

Others are nurtured

In the loving embrace of our mothers,

Others are divine,

Inspired by our inner spirituality.

Some people never get to touch their dreams.

Some do, without knowing and realizing they have.

Some lose their dreams along the way,

When they achieve them yes!

And as they pursue other self-fulfilling interests,

Their dreams worthy of holding on to slowly slip away.

Some cherish the fact they just lived,

Dreaming is so hard for them,

They sway with the tides,

Bidding them to take them wherever the tides go.

Sometimes, we let go of our dreams,

They no longer serve a purpose in our lives,

Or hanging on to them hurts our fingers,

Or the purpose is now causing us pain,

Letting go is overwhelming,

It feels like your heart is all empty

You are walking doughnut with a big hole inside of you,

“The heart is willing, but the body is weak”,

Sometimes our hearts are willing,

But our bodies are weak.

We won’t let go,

We can’t let go,

But sometimes it is in letting go that we truly live.

And in letting go we allow ourselves to dream again.