My land is dry,

It’s cracked from bouts of endless sun,

Its flaky surface peels away,

And the winds blow it off,

Dust settles,

Leaving me a little less,

My land is dry,

I have given a lot to non-reciprocal fields,

Who drained my humus,

My fertile goodness,

My fiery passions,

My sacrificial giving,

My selfless abandon,

In return,

Toxic fertilizer of criticism,

Drained Waters of advantage,

Cleared bushes of gone dreams,

Concrete Jungles of unemployment,

Logged trees of empty abundance,

Leaving me a little less…

My land is dry,

I cannot laugh at worlds humor,

I cannot smile at life’s beauty,

I cannot dance in the raindrops,

I cannot embrace the lush green carpets,

I cannot fantasize of what is to come,

The chirping of birds lost its music,

And the laughter of little children is no longer magical,

The breeze stopped whispering,

Now its loud booms of desert storms,

Because I am a little less…

I look up with hope,

Clouds are gathering,

Dark grey clouds,

Pregnant with a hopeful future,

Should I dare the fantasy,

Will it really rain again?

Can my river flow once more?

Can a tree grow again?

In this dry, infertile, eroded surface?

But I dare,

Because my land can no longer be dry,

My land is dry, I dare to plant,

My land is empty, I fill it with hope,

My land is dry, I sow in faith,

My land is dry, I believe the heavenly waters,

My land is dry, I dare my land,

My land is dry, it is all I have,

My land can no longer be dry…

My land is not dry, rain has come,

My land is not dry, opportunities have opened,

My land is not dry, the heart is healed,

My land is not dry, sprouted belief,

My land is not dry, it is a flowery field,

My land is no longer dry, I dared to live…

I dared to live, the magic returned,

Now I am a little more…

Note from the Author:-

There are circumstances in life that leave us dry, beaten, shamed, hopeless, directionless and scared. Scared of the future, scared of your shadows, scared of the next step, scared of yourself, of the potential damage you can do, not only to yourself but to others. Take a little breath, look up, remember the God who created you, seek some inspiration from deep inside of you and dare to walk. walk to the unknown. Let the winds take you wherever they will when you can no longer set sail. When you land, assess the opportunities that you have and start all over. One step at a time. Sit, Kneel, crawl, walk, trudge, someday you will run, then fly. You just have to dare yourself. Dare the little self belief inside of you…