I parked my car in town,

In my favorite spot,

Before I got out,

In the next lot,

There stood a man,

Beside this cool car,

Handsome as they come,

He was speaking on the phone,

His voice is deep,

The person on the other end must have said something amazing,

He smiled, A beautiful broad smile,

We locked our cars, followed each other out,

I wanted to say HI,

But I didn’t,

We exited,

We went our own ways,

I bought a pretty dress,

It is short and black and pretty,

The kind each lady needs,

For that one dreamy date,

I itch to wear it,

But it is short, I tell myself,

It hugs my body fine,

Too fine for my liking,

I need to buy a nice stocking,

And a red summer sweater to go with it, my mind chimes,

So I have never worn it,

It hangs in the back of my closet…

I wanted to go to the jungle,

To do something I fancy,

Something on my bucket list,

A tour truck perhaps,

Or the jungle buses,

I want to zip line,

And bunjee jump,

And hike the woods,

And get lost,

And hitch hike when I get to the road,

Back pack – check,

Shoe – perfect,

Me, never ready,

The time is never perfect,

So I have never gone

My bucket still full of lists…

I want to apply for promotion,

Or a new job somewhere else,

Or start a business,

And grow it to something big,

Or do that course,

I have always wanted to do it,

I don’t have money for the course,

Or qualifications for the new job,

My boss wont approve my application,

So I sit here,

Doing a job I hate to do,

Interacting with a toxic boss,

Stuck in the quagmire of my own making,

I don’t take any road…

I wanted to paint a picture,

See, I love to paint,

A wash maybe,

Or oil based on pristine canvas,

Why not a carving,

Or even write a book,

I never bough the water colours,

Neither did I get the canvas,

The brushes remain new in their box,

In one of my crowded shelves,

I never got started,

And the painting remains a dream…

I wanted to dance,

To the song in my heart,

Or sing a beatiful song,

of lyrics I made up,

Who cares if they make sense,

It is my song you see,

So I make the rules,

On what rhymes,

On what makes the right beats,

Of the direction it flows,

But my lips are tight,

Lips unmoving,

Feet stagnant,

There is too much crowd,

My voice is croaky,

I have two left feet…

My life is lame,

Time passes but once,

Chances come and go,

I age,

I do the same thing over and over,

I don’t take the road I need to take,

or follow the paths I ought to,

Or walk away from spaces that no longer serve me,

I miss the bus by seconds,

My juniors catch up, and overtake me,

In my heart I know the reason,

I don’t want to dare,

I prefer my excuses,

So I sit back and get cozy,

Cozy, not really,

More like frustrated,

As I look at others take,

The roads I failed to take…