I sit here,
Asking myself
Why didn’t I say Hello,
It could have been the beginning of a friendship,
Or a business partnership,
Or something else,
Why didn’t I wear that dress,
Why didn’t I dance,
Or paint or sing, 
Why didn’t I have fun, 
Why didn’t I write that application,
Or start that business,
Or get the promotion, 
Why didn’t I take that road… 

Taking that road leads to uncharted fields, 
The journey to unknown is scary, 
Status quo is comfortable, 
I am afraid of failing, 
Not really, 
I know I will not fail, 
I am afraid of success, 
The person I will become when I get all I have dreamed of, 
The snob, the proud, the arrogant, 
No, I can’t become that, 
Let me stay here, 
In what I am used to, 
Here is safe…

Self Doubt, 
Can I really do it? 
With my background? 
With my little capacity, 
With my 10% recourse reserve, 
Do I have what it takes? 
What if they don’t like me? 
What if I mess up? 
I wish I had her guts,
Or looks or resources, 
Then I would… 

Tomorrow is another day, 
In fact tomorrow is too soon, 
There will always be next year, 
There will come another opportunity, 
Another job advertisement, 
I will do the course first,
Then start a business…

Self sabotage
We are so used to a bad card, 
Those cards that life deal you?
So when life plays us a good card,
We mess it up,
We wouldn’t know what to do with good,
We sabotage the good, 
Fight with the good boss,
Be always late for that dream job you just got, 
Excuses from here to Timbuktu,
Keep ghosting that beautiful,
And Kind, compassionate girl of your dreams,
You mess up the good, 
So you can justify to yourself
That life will always be nasty to you… 

There is a positive to all these,
Bravery in the face of fear, 
Be brave,
Not because you know what the future holds, 
Not because you are not afraid to,
But because, 
Amidst the fear,
You chose to do it anyway, 
Because journeying can bring you two results,
Success or a lesson,
Take that road…

Positive self talk,
Amidst the many doubtful thoughts that come, 
Conjure a positive to it,
I can’t do it, of course I can, 
I don’t have money, there are alternatives,
I am not good enough, but who says or by whose definition of good, 
I need something else, but you can start with what you have, and where you are
Start the journey…

The best time to do it is yesterday, 
The next best time to do it is today, 
Time passes but once, 
Then it’s gone forever, 
Sunsets may look the same, 
But yesterday’s sunset is not today’s, 
Tomorrow you will be a day older, 
And you will have lost one day,
Of not doing what you ought to, 
Take that first step now, 
Sometimes, many times, you figure things out on the way, 
Grace flow where it is needed
Energy flows where there is a deficit, 
If you don’t take that step, 
The universe remains as is…
When the road remains untaken…

You are good enough, 
You are beautiful enough, 
You deserve that promotion, 
You deserve a good life, 
You have what it takes to be the best version of yourself, 
You are uniquely you,
And no one else can be you, 
Believe in yourself, 
Your capacities,
Your gifts,
Your person,
Your true self, 
Gift the world that person, 
There can only be one you, 
Give the world that chance, 
To experience the best version of yourself, 
And as you become you, 
And experience you,
And share you with the world, 
The world gets the fragrance 
Of the person you are, 
Which is a really good person, 
They wont really do,
If you don’t take the road

You see, 
Someone once said, 
A little fragrance is left 
On the hands that gives a rose, 

So in being you
And sharing you, 
You actually get to enjoy yourself too. 
Win, win… 
One day you will look back,
And part your back with pride,
Because somewhere along the road,
You had the guts,
To take that road…