I boast of my Lord

When I am lost,

Like the prodigal son,

He whispers to my ear,

That even though I am lost,

In the mess of my life,

In pursuit of earthly pleasures,

And passionate dreams,

He speaks to me,

To always remember,

There is a home to come to,

In this home,

Is love,

Warmth and providence…

I boast of my Lord,

When I am dead in pain and loss,

When I am persecuted and and crucified,

When I am deep in crazy places that cause me pain,

A slow death,

My heart keeps bleeding,

Like Lazarus,

He calls me out of my death,

And restores me to life,

Slowly rebuilding every part of my broken self.

I boast of my Lord,

When am buried in sin,

When I am accused of failing,

Failing my friends,

My children,

My loved ones,

When I can’t make that call I know I need to make,

To reconnect with a long lost relative,

When I am so weak,

I keep falling when I rise,

And like the adulterous woman,

He looks back to me and says,

I know you are seeking me,

And no matter how fallen you are,

With the sincerity in your heart,

I still choose to pursue you.

I boast of my Lord when I am broke,

My child needs a diaper,

School supplies are out,

Food is little,

That formula tin ran dry,

But like the five thousand hungry men,

He told his disciples,

I won’t let them go without eating,

He fed them,

Made them strong for the journeys ahead,

He feeds me too you know,

I boast of my Lord when I am stuck,

In deep dungeons like Joseph,

Or in slavery like Israelites in Egypt,

Or exiled in Babylon,


He raises a rescuer,

A Moses, in a spouse,

He brings a comforter,

A Jeremiah, in friends,

He brings comfort,

Jesus most present in the Holy Spirit…

I boast of my Lord,

In this journey I am never alone,

In this life I am never defeated,

In this life, I will not die,

He promised I will live to see His glory,

In this land of the Living,

I must tell of His goodness,

How can I tell if I die…

I boast of my Lord,

Because He is worthy,

He is everything,

He is God,

The calmer of storms,

The way maker in the wilderness,

The strength giver in weakness,

Most faithful in a faithlessness,

Most loving, for He is Love itself,

The provider, His providence never runs dry,

The water of life,

Of who else should I boast of,

But GOD…