Once upon a rainbow,

I walked into a garden,

Oh, how beautiful it looked,

It was the dream place,

I was filled with hopes and dreams,

Oh the beauty I would behold,

Forever and ever,

Once upon a moon,

In this beautiful garden,

With lowers blooming season after season,

I discovered a plant,

Beautiful, lush, and supple,

But it had no flowers,

The buds came, but they wouldn’t bloom,

Season after season,

The buds came, and just before blooming, the fell off and dried up,

Once upon a sunshine,

I forgot the rest of my garden,

And worked on my plant,

With buds that refused to bloom,

I read, how to make it better,

I bought manure,

I tended to it,

I watered it some more,

I put in so much effort,

With hope, that it would,

Someday show me the colour of its flowers,

The more I put in,

The more it wouldn’t bloom,

Once upon a desert,

I looked up from my plant,

The plant I concentrated on so much,

And to my shock,

The whole garden was dry,

Where did my flowers go?

My garden was no longer beautiful,

Everything had all dried up,

Once upon a cumulus,

I looked up in regret,


How could I slip so much,

Why didn’t I notice

That as I concentrated on making my plant bloom,

Not only did I waste it,

But I forgot the rest of my garden,

And unattended and neglected,

It all dried up.

Once upon a season,

With tears on my face,

And drooping shoulders,

I walked out of my garden,

With a heavy heart,

I closed the gate,

And walked away,


Heading to no where,

With only hope,

That someday,

I will have another garden.

Once upon a life,

I started all over,

With no garden but with garden tools,

I bought a garden,

I ploughed it,

I planted,

I watered,

And trusted in the one who holds everything in place,

To make it bloom,

And one day at a time,

A plant sprouted,

Each with it’s own beauty,

I let the plants be,

What they were best at,

And with each being its authentic self,

No manipulation to make it what I wanted it to be,

With a shimmer of hope in my eyes,

I watched my garden become…