Cherish Love

In whatever form it presents itself,

Many of us hurt,

because love is packaged,

In ways we do not want it to…

Sometimes it presents itself,

In shared lunches,

Morning check up,

A good night text,

A ring in the noonday…

Sometimes it presents itself,

In Shared laughter,

That look that says,

I notice you,

That smile and bow,

Acknowledging your presence…

Sometimes it is in chores done,

Errands made,

Food cooked,

Floors wiped,

Clothes washed,

Or bed made,

And shoes neatly ordered…

Sometimes it is in childish glee,

Little hugs,

Wet kisses,

Soulful eyes,

Desired presence…

Sometimes it is in full palm full bodied hugs,

sometimes in sensual kisses,

In loving touches,

In love dances,

In candle lit dinners,

Or intimate nights…

Cherish love,


If we wait for it,

In packaged gifts,

In Bouquets of flowers,

In chocolate bars,

Or wrapped wine,

Or a bunch of cookies,

We may miss it,

Because it was presented,

In a package we didn’t expect…