I bought a land,

A big huge track of land,

In a dry place,

Fertile and promising,

But still dry,

I had hopes,

Of what I could do with this investment,

I dreamt of a well,

A well deep permanent and clean,

That would service the land with water,

Of electricity to power my dream,

Of homes and clubs and shopping malls,

Of irrigation of produce with great returns,

Of hope for a secure future…

The I started digging a well,

The geologist said it was going to sprout clean,

They dug and dug,

And dug and dug,

The diggers said it was dry,

The geologist was hopeful,

I wan not giving up,

A lot was at stake,

Keep digging,

I said,

And they did,

Until they could dig no more…

Frustrated, they left…

Disappointed, my geologist said…

I honestly thought it would…

With a sad face, I tapped his shoulder,

Go well I said,

We all were…

I stood at the edge of the well,

with heaps of dirt on both sides,

And the hopes,

Long gone by in the horizon,

And I learnt something…

It is okay to give it your all,

Even when the odds are against you,

Still give,

You give it your all,

And when giving your all no longer makes sense,

You don’t quit,

You set that aside,

And walk away…

And look for new pursuits…

With no regrets,

Knowing deep in your heart,

Without an iota of doubt,

You gave your all,

You did your best,

But in the long run,

Accept the fact,

That it was a dry well,

With no hope of water…