A year ago, I self published the English book imaged above and a few months later, I had the book translated to Kiswahili. This was a great individual accomplishment, as a person, and as an author. Earlier this year, as per requirement, I had two copies of the book delivered to the Kenya National Library Services at Upper Hill in Nairobi ( The book is available for the public to read for free).

This is an appreciation post to all who bought a copy, read it, sent feed back on how the book was amazing and how it has impacted them in one way or another. I am glad to have touched even one heart. So, to my readers, both local and international, Kongoi.

This is also a marketing post, to all those still interested in a buy. My book is still available for purchase at Kshs. 500 at the Holy Family Basilica youth container and from yours truly at 0738775560.

While the book is typically based on Catholic Instruction, it is not necessarily pegged on the catholic teaching. The book is about emotional repeatability to what Christ was going through from His birth to resurrection as summarized by the Biblical context of the rosary mysteries. It is insightful even to non-Catholics.

It is also a notification that, there is something else where this one came from. Someday soon, it shall be unveiled. Keep your eyes locked and your curiosity aroused.

Kind regards,

Judy Kebenei – Author.